(Formerly Skindeep Clinic)

A few words about me...

Specializing in Colonic Hydrotherapy & Detoxifying Therapies for the Mind & Body

     I would like to begin by saying that I do not offer any treatment at the Metamorphosis Clinic that I have not personally benefited from myself.  I have  worked with every person that is a part of the Clinic as part of my own transformation. 

     I am a licensed Colon Therapist and certified Colon Therapy Instructor, I am a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Therapist, Facial Specialist and I am trained in a physician based weight loss program. All treatments involve initial consultation to determine your needs.  I am a believer in educating the client about the treatment's benefits and making suggestions for continuing on your path to wellness, rejuvenation and spiritual growth.

       It is through my own struggles that the Metamorphosis Clinic was born.  My personal transformation lead me to look to other therapies for assistance on my own journey.  I have walked the path I now make available to those who are ready.

     It is in the butterfly's struggle to break out of the cocoon that the fluid goes from the butterflies feet to its wings enabling it to fly!

Cindy Butler

Owner/ Therapist

​MM27113/ MA49032