The large intestine, also called COLON, or BOWEL is approximately 6 feet long.  It is the last 6 feet of the entire digestive system.  It is affected/controlled by the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS system a/k/a OUR MIND.  Therefore, if you are stressed, angry, hold things in emotionally....the COLON will do the same.  The other causes of bowel issues can be poor diet, medication side effects, dehydration, slow motility and other genetic tendencies.

My personal story began some 25 years ago, when I had only one bowel movement every 10-12 days.  A visit to the hospital included upper GI, Lower GI, colonoscopy and a diagnosis of impacted bowel.  I sought colon therapy via the advice of a chiropractic clinic in Texas.  It has SAVED MY LIFE!  I slowly changed my diet, began practicing other mind/body therapies to help and I can say, that 20 years later....I feel the best I have ever felt in my life!

I am passionate about helping you clean your colon, improve your diet and your life!

Because FEELING GOOD FEELS GOOD!   Most of us are so used to dealing with feeling swollen, bloated, sluggish, that we have forgotten what FEELING GOOD feels like!