infrared sauna

30-45 minutes in our infrared sauna burns 500 calories, stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation and leaves sore joints feeling rejuvenated.

Detox Footbaths

Targets acidity in the body, relieving symptoms of yeast/candida, joint pain, inflammation, liver toxins, parasites and fungus.  This treatment also includes a 15 minute alkaline boost to complete the detox.

Colon Cleansing

Gentle cleansing of the large intestine, colon, to remove impactions due to constipation, sluggish bowel function, overeating, medications, stress, etc.

Most people are carrying 7-10 lbs. of impacted fecal matter.



Our Metabolic Weight Loss Supplement targets body fat fast.  Along with nutritious foods, colon cleansing and the elixir, lose 10-20 lbs. in 23 or 40 days.